BBC Magic Forest

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A-Z Animals provided this beautiful bunny rabbit for this classic BBC One channel ident some years ago, which still gets aired most weeks on TV. Quality never goes out of date; just like the deep knowledge and experience at A-Z Animals.

Sky Sports hire Reindeer from A-Z Animals

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A-Z Animals provides a lot of reindeer over the Christmas period for a huge range festive activities and promotions. From Christmas events to TV commercials, A-Z Animals provide the very best trained reindeer to meet the requirements of our clients. Here are some reindeer which we provided for Sky Sports this Christmas.

Merry Christmas One and All!

Red Deer Stag for Jelen STRONG

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A-Z Animals was asked by a production company in Belgrade to provide a trained Red Deer Stag for a Jelen STRONG beer TV commercial. The commercial was shot in two parts. The foreground action with the Red Deer Stag was filmed on location in the UK and the backplates were subsequently shot on location in Greece.

The key to fully realising a script like this is to carefully analyse the physical movements of the deer on the storyboard and then prepare and train the deer over a period of weeks to achieve these movements.

A-Z Animals provides and expertly supervises trained animals for film, television, TV Commercials, Photography, Theatre, PR and Live Events.

A-Z Animals provide Red Deer Stag in The Queen

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A-Z Animals provided the majestic red deer stag in ‘The Queen’ for one of the film ‘s seminal moments.

I remember the telephone call from the producer……… “we have this red deer stag sequence to shoot with Helen Mirren playing The Queen and we’re not sure how to do it”. Deer are very particular and require profound knowledge on the part of the trainer/coordinator.

We get a lot of calls like the one above. That’s to say, the client needs accurate advice on the “how,” which is based on decades of high-grade experience and a deep knowledge of the animal context, environment and setting. That’s the added value we bring to each and every client – thats our X factor.

In the movie, the Queen damages her Land Rover while crossing a river and is forced to telephone for assistance. She weeps in frustration, but catches sight of a majestic Red Deer which Prince Philip, William, and Harry have been stalking. She is struck by his beauty and the two stare at each other. Hearing a distant gunshot, she shoos the stag away.

A-Z ANIMALS founder Gerry Cott Training a Red Deer Stag

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When A-Z Animals is preparing for a particular project, we choose our animals very carefully. Whether we are training a Red Deer Stag, Bull, Cow, Horse, Dog or other animals for filming, photography or a special event, the first thing we consider is the individual animal’s temperament and suitability for the project.

Here is A-Z Animals founder, Gerry Cott, training a Red Deer Stag for a TV commercial. Don’t go trying this in Richmond Park or Windsor Great Park!! Gerry will have looked at many Stags before choosing this very special Stag to train. Gerry Cott and A-Z Animals have prepared and provided Red Deer Stags for many projects including The Queen (feature film), Glenfiddich Whisky (TV Commercial), Jelen Beer (TV Commercial).

A-Z Animals provides the best trained animals for films, television, live theatre photography and special events.