Wolf Steals Bear Gryll’s Fish!

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A-Z Animals provided and supervised a Wolf Dog for this Nature’s Own TV commericial staring Bear Gryll’s.

This Wolf Dog looks exactly like a Wolf but is in fact a crossbreed between a Wolf and Northern Inuit Dog.

The advantages of working with a Wolf Dog when filming are many – it is much safer and much less restricting in terms of

Dangerous Wild Animals (DWA) regulations and health and safety protocols, than working with a Wolf, whilst achieving the desired asthetic.

Wolves for Vogue Magazine – styled by Kate Moss

Kate Moss cast Lara Stone alongside A-Z Wolfdogs in her recent photography compliation “The Wolf in Her” for Vogue Magazine.

The wolfdogs that A-Z provided look exactly like wolves but in terms of health and safety, are much easier and

safe to work with, whilst still achieving the desired visual effect.