Horses for Sun Bets

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The Sun doing what it does best; bold headline, in your face, simple, engaging, great idea beautifully executed. They come to A-Z and say…… we want 2 x great character horses wearing hats, a stables location to give context and we’ll shoot it in a day. This is what that looks like.

bet365 Horse Racing TVC

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This spot is one horse, one jockey, multiple images and great post. An exceptional horse and an exceptional jockey providing exceptional imagery for motion control to capture. A-Z Animals provided the horse, the jockey, the shooting environment and the certainty to the client they could surpass their expectations. Decades of experience helps A-Z Animals deliver that certainty.

Barbie Dream Horse

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This enchanting film totally relied on A-Z Animals providing and supervising a very beautiful and safe small horse.

The lovely young actress, although a competent weekend rider, from a health and safety perspective, was not a suitable rider for the action-riding sequences. For these sequences, we cast a riding-double who could safely deliver those elements of the script. As happens every day here, that’s where the decades of experience and skill of A-Z Animals animal co-ordinators and trainers play their vital role.

Stan James Horse

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This Stan James job required a dark horse that had sufficient patience to allow a slow 30-second dolly-in in one. We delivered. At A-Z Animals we understand and are able to assist our clients in their ambition. This is something for which we are well known.

Goodwood House hire Horse for Interior Shot

Excellent horse temperament and expert supervision lies behind a horse shot like this. The rider is a model, so a kind and gentle horse is essential.

At A-Z Animals, we pride ourselves on selecting the very best horse for each and every assignment. We specialise in providing and supervising horses for filming, photography and special events.