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When A-Z Animals is preparing for a particular project, we choose our animals very carefully. Whether we are training a Red Deer Stag, Bull, Cow, Horse, Dog or other animals for filming, photography or a special event, the first thing we consider is the individual animal’s temperament and suitability for the project.

Here is A-Z Animals founder, Gerry Cott, training a Red Deer Stag for a TV commercial. Don’t go trying this in Richmond Park or Windsor Great Park!! Gerry will have looked at many Stags before choosing this very special Stag to train. Gerry Cott and A-Z Animals have prepared and provided Red Deer Stags for many projects including The Queen (feature film), Glenfiddich Whisky (TV Commercial), Jelen Beer (TV Commercial).

A-Z Animals provides the best trained animals for films, television, live theatre photography and special events.