Gardman sponsorship video for Good Morning Britain

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This is a beautifully planned and executed small birds live-action shoot. We do quite a number of bird projects each year, be they live-action filming, photographic stills or special events.

Each project brings its own logistical questions, potential challenges and, with our decades of experience and our client’s creative skills, elegant solutions. It’s one thing for a client to ask questions in pre-production, it’s an entirely different thing to know which vital questions to ask. We always strive to guide our clients to results like this.

eHarmony Pig

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Pigs! Don’t you just love them? We consider pigs to be amongst the smartest animals on the planet.

Our first feature film (A Private Function) starred a Pig, along with Michael Palin and Maggie Smith. That was in 1984.

Over the intervening decades, we have trained, provided and supervised many interesting pigs for many diverse projects. Indeed, we are acknowledged experts in the field. So much so that in 1992 leading Australian production company Kennedy Miller (Mad Max movies) searched us out to advise them, as to how best to plan the shooting of a feature film where the leading pig accounts for a considerable amount of screen time. That film turned out to be BABE 1.

This eHarmony shoot required a well trained and very social pig who was comfortable in a studio set and this is the excellent result we achieved.

Covonia Ride The Bull TVC

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We love working with Bulls because they always keep you on your toes. With a Bull one wrong, uninformed move and things can go horribly wrong very quickly. Heath and Safety is the name of the game. There’s no room for busking or bravado or “it’ll be alright on the night”. Always make sure you are talking to and working with highly experienced experts with decades of knowledge from which to draw, when embarking on a film/photographyshoot involving a bull.