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Sometimes the client will have an admirable vision and ambition but perhaps, by their own admission, not all the experience needed to fully realise that vision. We have been associated with the Investec Zebra for many years.

It is our understanding that Investec tried originally to photograph/film Zebra in South Africa but the results fell short of their expectations. They then approached A-Z Animals in order to raise the optics and execution of the live action Zebra in their photography and filming.

In this particular project, not only did A-Z Animals provide and supervise the Zebra but we were also able to suggest the rigger to build the 200-meter exterior green-screen, the make and model of the best tracking vehicle for the job and the best individual driver to drive the tracking vehicle.

One can only add that kind of value to a client’s ambition by having been hands-on experts In the field for decades. Discerning clients such as Investec look to A-Z Animals’ experience when wanting to push the boundaries of what is creatively possible.