Rent beautifully trained hamsters for advertising, filming, online media, photography, TV and special events. Hire amazing hamsters for filming, fashion, live events, marketing, music videos, photo shoots, social media, television commercials, theatre and more. We specialise in casting the very best trained hamster models to ensure your production will have the very best trained hamsters and specialist handlers.

At A-Z Animals, we provide and supervise beautiful, well-trained and obedient hamsters for the world’s best advertising and production companies. As the pre-eminent hamster talent agency in the UK and Europe, we have the depth and breadth trained hamsters and experienced handlers to exceed the creative expectations of the world’s most ambitious directors, producers and photographers. We will work with you to understand your hamster requirements, identify challenges and provide practical solutions to deliver outstanding creative results for you and your clients.

A-Z Animals will help you handpick the perfect hamster for your film, photoshoot or live event. Browse our wide selection of hamsters for rent to find the quintessential hamsters for your film or photography project.

As founding members of the Animal Consultants and Trainers Association (ACTA), we continue to pioneer animal welfare standards in our industry. Our impeccable reputation for animal welfare provides our clients peace of mind that their brand reputation will be protected and enhanced by the procurement of animal content services delivered by A-Z Animals.

Our experienced trainers will expertly supervise the hamster models and exotic animal actors you choose to go with, so your production can focus on capturing the best hamster content. With our professional hamster trainers and hamster handlers focusing on both the animal actions your require and the health and safety of the cast and crew, your production team can focus on creative execution.

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We are confident that we have the right hamsters for your project, so when briefing us please provide as much information as possible. The more information you provide us regarding the hamsters and modelling work required, the faster we can provide you with hamster options which match your creative brief.

If you are wanting to capture world-class hamster model stills and motion, partner with the film industry’s best-known hamster casting agency; A-Z Animals. Contact us now for more information and an accurate quotation.