About Us

We provide the very best trained animals for hire in the UK for:

  • Films
  • TV  Commercials
  • TV Broadcast
  • Virals & Digital Media
  • Music Videos
  • Advertising, Fashion & Packaging Photography
  • Press & Magazine Editorial
  • Theatre 
  • Special Events
  • PR
  • Nativity Animals

A-Z ANIMALS complies with all statutory requirements and offers you peace of mind by providing:

  • Full Risk Assessments
  • £5m Public Liability Insurance Cover
  • Veterinary Surgeon Attendance and Welfare Certification arranged

A-Z Animals is recognised as the UK’s most experienced provider of trained animals for Film, Broadcast Television, TV Ads, Digital Content, Motion Capture, Photography, Theatre, PR and Special Events. 

Founder and head trainer Gerry Cott has overseen the casting, training and supervision of animals for some 150 feature films, 600 TV commercials and many thousands of photographic assignments for Advertising, Fashion and Editorial clients in addition to Digital Content, Theatre, PR and Special Events.

Top Filmmakers Choose A-Z Animals

A-Z Animals made its film debut in the classic British Comedy A Private Function by training three Large White pigs to play the role of Betty along side Richard Griffiths, Maggie Smith and Michael Palin.


A-Z Animals works at the cutting edge of feature film production, including films such as 28 Days Later, The Borrowers, Remains Of The Day, Centurion, Restoration, Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, The Queen, Black Beauty and The Iron Lady.  

Top Brands choose A-Z Animals for their TV Adverts, Idents and Virals

Whether it's providing and expertly supervising 50 cows on A Stage at Shepperton Studios for Electrolux, fielding a dozen racehorses at full gallop for Uniqlo or arranging a host of Amazon Rainforest animals for HSBC, A-Z Animals always delivers the best trained animals for shooting TV commercials.

No job too big or small, A-Z Animals brings the same degree of skill, commitment and polish to every project whether it be an international TV Ad campaign, snappy Ident or a clever Viral. 

A-Z Animals serves Top Broadcasters

A-Z Animals is a preferred supplier of trained animals and animal training services to BBC Television, ITV, Channel Four and Sky Television.


A-Z Animals Founder Gerry Cott


Animals for HireGerry Cott supervising a bull at Black Island Studios, London

Gerry Cott is hugely experienced in the casting, training and supervision of animals within Film, Television, Photography and Live Events. Gerry summarises A-Z Animals' guiding principles:

1. Cast the correct animals. 

2. Provide the correct training.  

3. Expertly supervise the animals at all times.